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About us

—— JC casting Foundry

Founded in 1997, JC Casting is a Global Investment Casting manufacturer and Supplier. We have 2 own factories and 2 partner factories in China. We focus on investment casting, sand casting, and machining technic. The raw materials range from Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel to Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, and Non-ferrous alloy.

The supplying capability is also from single producing to OEM, ODM, design solution, manufacturing, inspection service. We have serviced more than 600 clients. They are from different industries, such as Construction, Machinery, Electronic, Medical, Petroleum, etc.

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Investment Casting products are used in various industries. JC Casting’s production skills and quality control are in the forefront of clients’ demand and changes!

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Geta supplier worth having
Happy Clients

12 +years ofcooperation proves that JC is a qualified supplier.

—–John Wilson

JC Casting‘s success is from their profession and services. Especially from their caring to client’s


From 10 pcs samples to today’scontainer order, both of us grow up together!

———Frank Schneider