Wax Lost Investment casting is a metalworking manufacturing process with a long history. And it is still widely used in modern production. Today, we will make an introduction to the wax lost investment casting detail.


The basic question for Wax Lost Investment Casting

  • 什么是投资铸造?
  • Why Investment Casting is also called Lost Wax Casting?
  • What is the Investment Casting Process?
  • 投资铸造的方法是什么?
  • When will we use of Investment Casting?
  • 投资铸造的优势是什么?
  • 投资铸造的应用是什么?


Investment casting, also known as precision casting or lost wax casting, is a manufacturing process in which a wax pattern is used to shape a ceramic mold. Then the molten liquid metal is poured into a ceramic shell mold to get the desired cast part.






  • Step 1: Tooling and Pattern Making
  • Step 2: Pattern Assembly
  • 步骤3:浸入和涂层
  • Step 4: De-Waxing and Firing
  • Step 5: Casting
  • Step 6: Knockout
  • 步骤7:完成
  • 步骤8:测试和检查
  • 步骤9:包装和运输





The download投资铸造PDF的过程or投资铸造过程步骤ppt


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When will we use of Wax Lost Investment Casting?

Producing cost 由于其复杂性和劳动力要求,投资铸造是一个相对昂贵的过程 - 但是,收益通常超过成本。实际上,任何金属都可以是投资。投资铸造制造的零件通常很小,但是该过程可以有效地用于零件。
加工成本 Expected usage rates are a crucial part of the calculation when selecting the right tooling option for investment casting.对于低数量要求,如果采用永久工具,则使用其他方法制造或铸造的零件可能要昂贵。对于这些应用程序,SLA或印刷图案可能是非常成本效益的替代方法,即使是数量。
尺寸限制 While it is possible to create investment castings in a range of sizes, and that capability continues to expand through the industry, there is an upper limit on that range that is less than other shaped technologies like sand casting.
Very Tinny structures 投资铸造是薄壁应用的绝佳选择,但是使用核心的非常小的内部形状可以提出处理挑战。孔通常不能小于1/16英寸(1.6mm)或深度深1.5倍。
时间成本 多步投资铸造过程本身比其他铸件过程更耗时。但是,由于对额外加工的需求减少了,创建完成的整个过程可能比替代方案短。
Quantity and Cost 对于大量订单,通过消除或减少次级加工而节省的时间和人工很容易弥补新工具的成本。小型铸造量不太可能弥补投资。通常,投资铸造是25个或更多零件的逻辑选择。
工具摊销 It is a key factor to consider when determining whether investment casting brings the greatest value. The investment cast tool, precision machined and assembled aluminum injection die, usually consists of multiple parts fitted together to produce the complex geometry of most investment cast components. This “front end” cost is not insignificant but is often easily offset in a total cost analysis where the cost of unneeded subsequent machining and/or fabrication is excluded. As the only tool typically needed is for an injected wax part, tool wear is virtually non-existent.



设计自由: The investment casting process allows the designer the flexibility of nearly infinite alloy choices, and great flexibility in external and internal configurations.
Accurate Dimension 与其他铸造方法不同,投资铸造过程中没有草案要求,可以更加准确。近网
Reduced Machining Investment castings are produced to close tolerances and near-net size. There is little secondary machining required, thus offering savings in machining time and material costs.
Reproducibility 投资铸造过程会产生可靠且一致的产品。
Mechanical Properties Investment castings will usually be able to meet the same mechanical properties of components manufactured from wrought metals.
Superior Aesthetics 投资铸件的表面饰面始终优于125 RMS。精细的细节,文本,徽标和设计功能是无法在其他过程中实现的。
Flexible alloy selection Steel,Nickel-Based Super alloy, Titanium, and Aluminum and so on

What is the applications of Wax Lost Investment Casting?

海洋 Agricultural, Industrial Equipment 汽车/卡车零件
Aerospace Firearms Parts & Components 门和锁安全硬件
采矿业 手工和动力设备 泵和阀
Military & Defense Medical Devices & Equipment 许多其他行业


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